Diabetes Affects the Feet

Diabetic Footcare Nanaimo

Diabetes Leads to Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetes often leads to death of the peripheral nerves and loss of sensation. This process is know as Peripheral Neuropathy.  Peripheral Neuropathy will be present in 50% of Diabetics within 10 years of diagnosis.   Death of the motor nerves leads to foot deformity and the creation of areas of increased pressure such as under the big toe.  Increased pressure + loss of sensation = development of wounds.

Wounds In The Diabetic Foot Lead to Amputation

Diabetes also decreases the elasticity and strength of this skin and results in decreased blood flow which decreases the ability ot the skin to heal.  Open wounds can often be colonized by bacteria and fungus leading to infection and gangrene,  When this is coupled with reduced blood flow and impaired healing it can result in amputation.

Total Contact Custom Foot Orthotics

Total contact custom foot orthotics increase the surface area of the foot in contact with the ground reducing pressure in peak areas.  When coupled with appropriate footwear this significantly decreases the risk of ulceration  (wound development) in the diabetic foot.

The Diabetic Foot Changes Frequently

Total contact custom foot orthotics often need to be modified to keep up with the progression of diabetic foot disease.  It is wise to choose a provider who can perform this service locally without having to send the devices away to an outside lab.   A process which can take  a month or more placing the Diabetic foot at further risk.  


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