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Our Process

Thorough Examination


It all starts with a complete history of your problem followed by a clinical and biomechanical examination.  This allows us to determine the most appropriate course of treatment, and if you should be referred to another provider

Custom Orthotic Design


 We custom design your orthotics right here in Nanaimo  using CAD/CAM software to meet your specific needs.  We specifically choose materials and a design for each individual patient.  

Start From Raw Materials


Once we have completed your specific orthotic design we use a CNC milling system to cut a positive form for your orthotics.  We then heat the required plastics and press them to the form to create your custom foot orthotics.

Custom Shape The Orthotic


We then sand the orthotic to meet the requirements of the design we have chosen for you.

Quality Control


Me measure and remeasure throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your specific orthotic is produced to our exacting standards

Fit To Your Footwear


We will specifically fit your custom foot orthotics to your footwear.  We can even fit our custom orthotics to  some difficult to fit footwear, such as sandals

We Directly Manufacture Custom Foot Orthotics In Nanaimo


We Start From Raw Materials

We directly  manufacture your orthotics to specification using a variety of materials.  We can make everything from soft accommodative  devices to rigid plastic orthotics.

Most Providers Don't Actually Make Your Orthotics

Many people are surprised to learn that most providers that dispense orthotics, do not manufacture or modify  the orthotics they provide for you.  They will take an impression of your feet and send  it to an outside lab to have the orthotics made.   

What Happens if You Need Adjustments Or Repairs?

We adjust and repair foot orthotics in our Nanaimo Lab, with rapid turnaround times.  No waiting  for weeks to have your orthotics shipped back and forth to central fabrication facilities.

We Fit The Orthotics To Your Shoes

We will take the time to fit the orthotics to the shoes you want to wear.  We can often custom fit your orthotics into difficult to fit footwear such as sandals.